Creative Website Design to suit your message.

Life is complicated enough. Why making processes more difficult than they ought to be? Updating a website for example. The process should be simple enough that a client doesn’t have to phone their web designer every time they want to update their website.

In our experience more and more customers are asking for a website that they can update themselves. The computer has empowered people to take control of the content they want to publish using stories (blogs), images (flickr) and video (YouTube) and publishing is sometimes as easy (certainly on Apple Macs) as drag&drop.


From template based to unique feel and look. We have deliberately chosen to use a WordPress theme for our website: this illustrates how, with know-how and a good portion of taste, a template based website can be customised to look unique. As a business in the market to design stuff like, logosbrochures, websites – surely we should demonstrate this ability through a unique and innovative design for our own website? Yeps, correct, but that’s what everyone else does, so, we have decided to try a different path.

Cost-effective Websites

Here is a solution for cost-effective websites: choose a theme (a theme is a template ready to be populated with your content) and we do the rest. We will do the work to customise the template to suit your needs, advise on a site structure and lastly train you or a member of your staff to use the admin section of the website. In no-time you will be ready to edit, upload and publish content to your site.

Just one call will answer the questions and give you the information required to make the right decision. What ever your choice, tailor made or off-the-peg websites, if that sounds like an interesting proposition, send us an email or contact Didier on+44 (0) 135 265 025

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